Test Sessions & Procedures

What Is a Test Session?

U.S. Figure Skating tests are administered to skaters that desire to move up in the testing or competitive structures. Tests include Moves in the Field, Freeskate, Dance, Solo Dance, and Pairs. Skaters must complete the required elements for each level at a specific standard in front of a panel of judges to be permitted to skate at the next higher level. Official U.S. Figure Skating patches are awarded for tests passed. Skaters who have successfully completed their Gold/Senior tests are eligible for medals.

How Do I Sign Up for a Test Session?

In order to sign up for a test session, please fill out the Test Application. This form lists the current fees for all tests, as well as test chairs for each of the clubs in the area. Payment must be included with your application, and checks may be made payable to the Coyotes Skating Club of Arizona (or CSCA). Applications must be received two weeks prior to the test session. Please mail applications to the address listed on the form, or dropped off at the Ice Den Scottsdale Administration Office in an envelope marked "CSCA Test Application".

Do I Have to Test at a CSCA Test Session?

No, skaters have the option to take tests at any venue they choose. However, keep in mind that some clubs may charge Non-Club Member ffees on top of the testing fee. CSCA skaters must receive permission from CSCA to test at another club, so please allow enough time for your application to be processed and the permission to be granted.

What are the policies for a CSCA Test Session?

1. Late Forms will only be accepted if there is space available. Any late form is subject to a 40% late fee in addition to the listed test fees being paid.

2. Skaters may sign up for multiple tests within the same test session. However, if a test is contingent on the passage of one or more previous tests within that session (such as moves required to be passed in order to take a freeskate test) and the required test is not passed, the fee paid for the test(s) not able to be taken are forfeited. The fees will not be held for future test dates nor refunded.

3. Cash payments will not be accepted with any form that is mailed.

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