Junior Board

Join the Coyotes Skating Club of Arizona Junior Board! Skaters ages 10 through 18 are invited to attend meetings, help plan events for the club and Learn to Skate, and fundraise for their activities as well as for the community. Click here to learn more!

Adult Skating

Adults Skate Too! Young Adult skaters age 18-20, and Adult skaters age 21 and up can test, compete, and make friends in the adult skating community. Click here to learn more!

Theater On Ice

Theater on Ice gives skaters a chance to participate in a team setting, and explore the theatrical and artistic sides of skating. Ice Den Scottsdale offers Intro to Theater on Ice classes for skaters at the levels of Basic 4 through Freeskate 6. Higher level skaters ( who have passed at least one U.S. Figure Skating Test) are able to join the competitive Theater on Ice team through Ice Den Scottsdale. The Theater on Ice team competes two programs, and appears at the Ice Show and National Theater on Ice Competition. Click here for more information.

Join us

For more information on how to join, please visit our membership portal by clicking here.

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